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Your Idea. Our Strategy.

Hire a Certified Project Manager
to get your business goals accomplished

On Time & Within Budget

How We Help Your Business Grow

Advisory Services

Business Consultation

Impartial, expert advice or outside-of-the-box ideas from a PMP certified professional with over 20 years of project & executive leadership experience.

* Leadership Coaching

* Business Strategy & Planning

* Implementation Management

* Process Development

* Digital Transformation

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About Us


We develop business and personal strategies, help you systemize business processes, manage digital transformations and provide content and website auditing services for your websites.  We take large, complex goals and break them down into small, manageable tasks.  We work with individuals or teams of people to achieve and maintain a technology-utilized, sustainable future.  Our approach is simple and doable.  The goals are yours to achieve, we just help you reach them.  

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Forward motion is necessary but it’s hard to do when your project goal requires a major undertaking, has more moving parts than you can handle or involves introducing new technology and requires a team to get up to speed on using new tech to get things done.  Onix Consulting uses proven project and change management techniques, incorporates those best practices into your current structure, and guide teams to become high performing & cohesive Centers of Excellence.

Your GOALS don't work unless you do. SUCCESS doesn't happen without STRATEGY and a PLAN that works!

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