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Strategic Planning & Project Management Specialists

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Your Idea or Goal.
Our Strategy.
Onix Consulting Partners offers business optimization services for utilities, small businesses, nonprofits and franchises by providing a customized strategy, detailed roadmap and fully-built business design processes needed to maximize your potential, minimize inefficiencies, and achieve sustainable growth in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.

At Onix Consulting Partners, our mission is to simplify the process of setting and achieving goals.

Services we provide

Business Optimization Services

Analyze >> Improve >> Streamline >> Optimize

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Our Business Optimization Services can help you achieve success no matter your team size or executive structure. Our team approach to strategy development allows us to collaborate with your business and work towards common goals. We’ll help you identify areas for improvement, streamline your operations, and bring more value to your stakeholders. Let’s work together to optimize your business today.

"A sound strategy starts with having the right goal."
~Michael Porter

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Onix Consulting Partners uses the fundamentals of the project management methodologies to develop strategic business plans, help you systemize business processes, and manage your digital transformations.  We take large, complex goals and break them down into small, manageable tasks.  We work with individuals or teams of people to achieve and maintain a technology-focused, sustainable future.  Our approach is simple and doable.  The goals are yours to achieve, we just help you reach them.  

Your GOALS need a STRATEGY and a PLAN that works!

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