ONiX Consulting Partners 

At Onix Consulting Partners, we specialize in strategy development, implementation planning & digital transformation for small businesses.  We help small businesses, start-ups and nonprofits develop strategic plans, document standard operating procedures, better understand which software tools/people/processes are needed for a more efficient business.  

We are committed to your business' success.  Plain and simple.  Our knowledge of corporate strategy and implementation best practices can help your small business THRIVE!

Advisory Services

Our executive consultants provide guidance for growth and support during implementation.  We start by talking through your business idea/plans to scale and build a strategy.  We also draft your implementation plans as well as coach you along the way to ensure success is achieved.

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Vision Boards

Plan, prepare, manifest...all the things you need to do to reach your potential.  Get that idea or plan out of your head and make it a digital image to remind you of the path to your success!

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Digital Services

Not every business requires the same type of website.  We consult with you to determine which type of site is best suited for your business.  Need a site but not sure if you should go with a build-it-yourself or custom solution?  We can help.

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Content Creation

Our creative team works with your brand to create the content you need to deliver the exact messaging your customers need to hear.  Increase your social media engagement, turn lookers into buyers, and increase your followers.  

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Nicole Urban


Owner & CEO

Project Manager & Strategic Coach

With more than 20 years of experience in executing corporate strategy and 10 years of IT and software development experience, I want to provide the same knowledge and expertise to small businesses that I have delivered to Fortune 500 & Fortune 1000 companies.

As a certified project manager with extensive knowledge in construction & Information Technology, I bring my knowledge and experience to your business or project solely for the purpose of achieving a successful outcome.