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Welcome to Onix!

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

As the founder and sole owner of Onix Consulting Partners, let me be the first to say THANK YOU for visiting my first blog. I hope you come back and visit my website to read my future blogs and check out how I grow this company. Onix's mission is to provide exceptional project and business management services. We hope you find that we take great pride in living up to our company's mission.

Blog Topics

Our blog topics come from a myriad of places. Be them personal experience or industry news, we love to share our expert opinion. We believe knowledge and understanding other, different perspectives is what amplifies partnerships. We aim to bridge gaps and offer insight on topics related to all facets of project management, business strategy and organizational excellence.

The Website

We publish blogs to connect with our colleagues, friends and business peers. This blog, as well as future blogs, can be found on our website Feel free to visit us and learn about our service offerings and subscribe to get updates about our business.

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