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Design and Download your Digital Vision Board

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Did I mention for FREE? Yes, FREE free. Like not a pennTy...

If you are still reading, stay with me for a few more minutes so I can tell you how to get this free game!

I love vision boards! Steve Harvey swears by them and Gayle THEE King created her first one for 2022. While I love vision boarding, I hate having to cut and glue and stick all the stuff on a poster board. It's 2022, for Pete's Sake! I had to find a digital solution so I turned to apps...because SURELY there's an app for that. Yep, there is. But it ain't free for the cool stuff and you only get to create 1 before you have to pay. Well, this Sista needs NEEDSSSS. So when you are resourceful (like me), you look for free. And I found it.

Below are the EXACT steps I took to get that Free Digital Vision Board. And, the best part is, you can make as many as you want!! Don't tell me I didn't look out for you...Follow me.

Step #1 - Visit Canva, Get the App. Create a free account.

This is the key to everything. And it's FREE. Man, look...this app is a game changer for a creative (like me) who didn't buy the expensive design software for creating visuals. Sure, Canva ain't that top tier design software app but it gets the job done and I haven't found but a few limitations so far. If you need something more than this, chances are you already own that expensive software.

Once you have the app and are ready, look around and get comfortable. Review the getting started videos to make the nest steps go faster. Now, search Moodboards and check out the templates they provide. You can literally choose one and start customizing!

Step #2 - Get some stock photos...again, FREE.

Visit the following sites to get some free downloadable stock photos. Search for a specific topic, there are TONS...the simply download. Once downloaded, upload direct to Canva and add it wherever you need it on the board. Easy Peasy.

"The best things in life are free." – Luther Vandross

Step #3 - Google to get some quotes...or make your own!

Google is your friend who provides free quotes on any topic you need. Use them, switch up the fonts and colors and make is nice. Use the quotes that embody the message your vision board is intended to speak. These words, when you read them, should motivate you to get up and do it...whatever IT is. One step at a time to the goal and this quote should be a reminder of why you started.

Step #4 - Name your file. Download. Save to photos.

When you get everything in order and looking the way you want, Save the file name and download it. Notice the downloaded file name? That's why I said Name your file. To name your Canva file:

  1. Click in the page header, the title bar at the top. Then type in your new file name. If you don't want to start a whole new file, when you make changes, re-name and re-download. As many times as you want. Yep...still free.

Step #5 - Make it your phone's home screen or wallpaper

When you look at your phone (be honest, that's Alot!) you will be reminded to keep moving forward. Once all of the things in your vision board is achieved, start all over again. And keep starting over until whenever because you should always have goals you're trying to achieve!

Be a Vision Board Badass!

Tap in with me and let me know if the steps I share here have helped you. Reach out and let me now, I reach back. Click Here to shoot me an email or leave me a comment below.

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